Fortnite is bringing back all the game modes

All the old game mode from each season is back but they already released all the old game mode so sorry for being late on it the first game mode was slide which is ok but make sure u know where you going i forgot most of the game modes because i wasn’t on fortnite for a long time but they have one shot and team rumble out right now.

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14 days of fortnite is back!!

Fortnite has bringed back 14 days of fortnite so make sure you do these challenges to get the items epic games has extended since people were getting mad when it ended early.

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Drift boards in fortnite hype!!

Fortnite is going to be releasing this new drift board soon if you get this board you will like it hovers and you could drift with it that why it is called the drift board but there is more things in fortnite then just this new update and stay tune in for the hover board in fortnite because it is coming out soon.

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Fortnite airplanes!!

Fortnite season 7 airplanes is awesome airplanes in fortnite!! isn’t that incredible you could probably win a victory royale with these new airplanes you should try it out on playground if you don’t want to get killed while getting the airplane or if all the players took them but if someone has a airplane and comes for you i would suggested to use a mini gun to shoot them down.

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Fortnite new Gforce bundle skin

Fortnite has brought us this new bundle pack called the g force you get a skin v bucks and pickaxe , back bling, glider you should get it before it will end its only for a limted time i don’t know how much v bucks it cost but it looks like a really cool skin he looks like a secret combat military.

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