Volcano is going to erupt!!! (fortnite)

Fortnite is going to begin a big event and it is connected with the Volcano near Sunny steps and loot lake which is right in the middle of the fortnite island there has been ruin spotted from titled towers and going to loot lake when the ruin piece went into the loot lake hatch the Volcano started to smoke above it my theory is that Kevin the cube is coming back when all the pieces are combined and in titled towers in the museum kevin the cube, is there the volcano, titled towers, and meteors so i think when all the ruin are combined together the volcano is going to erupt and kevin the cube is coming back but that is just my theory and here is a picture of it right now.



If you are reading let me down in the comments what your theory is.

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Fortnite new Reboot van

Fortnite has added reboot vans here is some information about the reboot van the reboot van is used to bring your teammates back to alive if they die but first you have to get there card first and you have 80 seconds to get there card before it expires but if they leave you can reboot them back.


The problem with Biodiversity is that people litter in the animals environment and if this keeps happening animals will be extinct sooner than we know and when we have no more animals to keep us alive and plants might be affected my the trash then we won’t have no more food resources to be alive.

The causes is that there is too much trash in the animals ecosystem and if this keeps happening many changes might happen in the world no more food resources and materials if we keep throwing trash everywhere we want.

Solution is that we try to stop people from littering in the animals ecosystem and explain what they are causing to the environment for humans and animals and also tell them that there might not be any more animals on earth because of them and what they are causing.

Image result for biodiversity



Image result for biodiversity

New update in Fortnite

Fortnite has released a new update as you can see by the title it’s called buccaneer there are new skins in the item shop they are pirates there is a girl version and a boy version and they also included the buccaneer challenges if you complete the first challenge you get a pirate glider and if you complete all the four challenges you get a item or i think it’s a back bling its a treasure chest.

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New Ruin skin in fortnite

FortniteĀ  has finally released the full version of the ruin skin the ruin skin is designed with rock and lava i will show you a photo.ruin skin kinda looks like the upgrade version of the prisoner you will be able to unlock this skin on week 8 and upgrade the skin when you find the skeleton keys that the theory.

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New vehicle in Fortnite Baller

Fortnite has brought us another vehicle in fortnite!!! the baller it has a grappler in front andĀ  it has boost when your baller get destroyed you don’t take damage the baller has 400 health this vehicle is OK if you want to get away fast just boost and use the grappler.

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