New skin in item shop fortnite

Hello guys as you can see by the title there is a new skin in the item shop Fortnite has added this girl called Bandolette she has the same design as Bandolier as you can see in the picture she carry’s ammo and she has it wrapped around just like Bandolier and then there is a glider and pickaxe they are all new this skin is only limted in the item shop Fortnite changes the item shop every 24 hours.

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New fortnite season 8

Season 8 is almost here just one more day until season 8 is here on Wednesday 2/27/19 and you could get the battle pass for free it is on my other blog from yesterday the overtime challenges the theory that everybody is thinking that pirates are coming in fortnite because fortnite has gave us two teasers.

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Overtime challenges

Fortnite has brought us overtime challenges to get the new season 8 battle pass for free and 3 free skins if you have the season 7 battle pass you have to complete 14 overtime challenges to get the battle pass you better finish the challenge.

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New Hunting rifle gun called Infantry rifle: Fortnite

Epic games has updated the hunting rifle to a new design as you could tell by the title epic games made the hunting rifle into the real hunting rifle in real life it looks exactly like the one in real life and i think the update is today not really sure.

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Solid Gold is back in fortnite Hype!!!

Epic Games has added back solid gold duo in fortnite solid gold is a game mode where every gun is gold except healings this game mode is so hard but it depends on the place you land but still i tried many times i couldn’t win but i did solo duo in solid gold and i won i would play this game mode but its really hard for me.

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