New Gifting in fortnite!

Fortnite just added gifting you could give people skins but you could only gift people skins in the item shop which it’s ok but i wish they did it in your locker skins but this is all i have for today.

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New food fight game mode in fortnite

Fortnite has added this new game in fortnite food fight tomato head versus beaf boss it is a really cool game mode so you have to destroy the others team base and you have to defend your base and who ever defeats there base first wins.

Sorry guys that i was late

How to deal with negatived

1.  Treat people the same how you want to be treated

2. If someone says a mean comment to you be the better person and just don’t say nothing back

3. Just ignore them

4. Always be happy

5. Smile

6. Don’t take it seriously

7. Don’t get revenge on them or it will juts cause more trouble

8. Don’t start it

9. Tell the person that you don’t like what they said



New skin Deadfire and Brainack

Fortnite has released these awesome skins called Deadfire and Brainack as you can see on the title deadfire is a cowboy by the looks of it he has a hat and a jacket i think well here ‘s a picture

Image result for Deadfire in fortnite

Well as you can see it also has a green fire coming out of deadfire but i also have another skin for you it’s a zombie and the name is brainiac it is also green here’s a picture to see how it looks like.

Image result for Brainiac in fortnite

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