New Loot lake in fortnite

Loot lake was a normal place in fortnite and on season 5 it has all changed loot lake has turned into lava lake that people call it but it seems that the purple cube has melted in loot lake here is a image of loot lake right nowImage result for purple cube melted in fortnite

see what i mean about loot lake it has changed this season and when you jump on the cube you just fly but they still have a forced field somewhere on the map but im not really sheer if i know where it is right now at the time but lets get back on look lake. September 19 is when the cube shifted and melted into a big blob of jelly but at first i thought it was purple jelly and fortnite added a new update to loot lake but it was actually the purple cube that has melted the lake into a purple jelly to me now loot lake is popular because the cube has melted there some people who played fortnite nobody never went there accept new people to fortnite and past bye loot lake.


Why listening is so important

The most reason’s why you should always follow class rules. The number one most important thing you should always do is follow directions and listening because if you don’t listen and if their was a emergency and you didn’t here the teacher to go outside if there was a fire and something could happen to you.

Second reason if you were doing a project or you were doing a assignment which was due today and you didn’t here the directions and it was really important and after you were done talking the teacher would say ok class ready are you ready to do the project  then you will be confused and ask the teacher what are we doing then she or he will say you weren’t listening and you say yes then you would be in trouble.

Then they might call your parents to tell them why you were not listening then your parents might be mad and ground you or something that’s why you should always listen and listen to directions for a project.

Class rules for every class teachers have there own opinion about class rules say if your teacher was telling you about the class rules and you were listening and they said no eating in class no playing video games on laptop and then your other teacher has a different class rules like no drinking soda in class or having hats in class and you get in trouble because you didn’t here them talking because you were talking to your buddy.


On the first day of school you will here your teacher telling you the rules which are really important that you here the rules of each or your class so if you do something wrong in your second class for middle school and it wasn’t the rule in your first class and the teacher for your second class already told you the rules on the first day of school and then a consequence might happen to you and that’s why you should of listen to the teacher see it is really important to listen to rules and directions never forget that.

Fortnite News and Updates

In Fortnite battle royal by epic games they made massive changes to the game so im going to tell you what is going in fortnite.

New Porta Fortress

Fortnite has added this new item called the porta fortress when  you throw it down a big fort will appear in front of you here’s a picture.

Image result for new porta fortress spiky stadium

this new porta fortress is like 5 times bigger than the regular port a fort this thing has bounce pads on the side front and back its amazing so when you get in a battle with a player you could just throw down the porta fortress then you could escape or battle with the player in the porta fortress.

New Gun Suppressed rifle

Image result for when did the suppressed assault rifle come out in fortnite

Fortnite has released this new gun called the Suppressed Assault rifle in September 11 it looks like a scar but they just added the suppress too make it silent when you fire it.

 New Grappler gun

Related image

September 6 2018 Fortnite brings the new game mode The Getaway with this new weapon they added in fortnite this new gun the grappler you could go anywhere with this new weapon and getaway if your in a battle but you don’t have unlimited ammo for the weapon you only have 15 ammo so you have to use it wisely.

Game modes




50 v 50


High Stakes Ltm

Related image

Item Shop         Glider      Pickaxe

Stage Slayer/ 1,500 vbucks   Hot Ride/ 1,500      Lead Swinger/ 500 vbucks

 Back bling Kick Drum

Synth Star/ 1,500 vbucks  Cloud Striker/ 1,200  Close Shave/ 800 vbucks

Back bling Key Tar

Survival Speclalis/ 1,200 vbucks

Scarlet Defender/ 800  vbucks

Electro Shuffle/ 800 vbucks

Hot Stuff/ 200 vbucks



How to play fortnite

Fortnite is a game that is for free you could get Fortnite on PC,Xbox,Ps4,mobile,Nintendo switch.When u play Fortnite u are going to be in a game with 100 people if you play solo,  theirs more game modes than just solo they have all kinds of modes that u can play with your friends.                                                                                                                  Game modes

SoloDuoSquadSoaring 50PlaygroundHigh stakes Ltm. 

Image result for fortnite high stakes

When you join a game you will be on a battle bus and theres places to land theres a lot of places you could land to. You will have a map on the left of your screen it shows u were your going but its not big to see the whole map so you would have to press a button to make it into a full screen when u land somewhere theres houses that you could get loot from so you go inside or just break the roof with your pickaxe after that you could go battle people but watch out for the storm if you get into the storm you will lose 1 hp and when the storm reaches the circle the second time you lose 2 hp but the rest you lose 10 hp when the circle gets smaller.