New skin in item shop fortnite


Hello guys as you can see by the title there is a new skin in the item shop Fortnite has added this girl called Bandolette she has the same design as Bandolier as you can see in the picture she carry’s ammo and she has it wrapped around just like Bandolier and then there is a glider and pickaxe they are all new this skin is only limted in the item shop Fortnite changes the item shop every 24 hours.

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My Last BlogšŸ˜­

Hey guys as you can see by the title this will be my final i will be doing through the year sadly but i will be coming back at the end of August i think but blogging has been wonderful i really enjoy hope to see you guys in August because school is ending soon and summer is almost here!.

I will miss you guys i hope you have a great day and wonderful summer make sure to study HA! OK bye!

New Tactical assault rifle

Tactical assault rifle new gun fortnite has added the tactical assault rifle it uses mini bullets and shoots rapidly the rarity are rare,epic, and legendary but sadly there is no scope this gun is really good for combat that is my suggest i tried it out it is so good but its not long range.

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Fortnite Drum gun is back

Fortnite event for the volcano and loot lake vault when the event started there was a count down to zero it was at 10 minutes then it counted down when the count down was over the vault opened and we had a choice there was the drum gun, planes, bounce pad, grappler, and the tactical smg everybody was choosing the drum gun so it got unvaulted after that the vault opened and everybody was floating then the volcano erupted and destroyed titled towers and nearly retail row.

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Fortnite Volcano and vault theory

Hey guys i am going to talk about the Volcano splitting because of the vault and fortnite players there has been many theory about this when the last piece of nex that is what they call the shardsĀ  the volcano is going to blow up and probably destroy retail row and titled towers but this is just my theory when the volcano is going to explode i think that the vault is probably going to open and unleash something we never seen before it will probably be something different or the cube will come back but im not sure.

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If you have any theory comment down below and what do you guys think is going to happen in season 9

New Mortal Combat 11 game

Nether Realm studios has came out with a new Mortal Combat game Its called Mortal Combat 11 as you can see by the title, Mortal combat 11 came out on April 23rd 2019 there are new characters in this game i can’t give a link to the trailer but you could just go to youtube and type in mortal combat 11.

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Fortnite New LTM FortniteXAvengers IS HERE!!!!

Fortnite has finally released FortniteXAvengers the new LTM in FortniteXAvengers there is two teams one side is the hero’s and the second side is the thanos side if your on the hero’s side you have a treasure map and blue assault rifle and blue shotgun when you drop out you are suppose to follow the treasure map you have after that you dig it up and open the chest then when the chest is done opening you can grab the hero weapon that comes out of the chest it could either be a bow, captain america shield, Thor hammers, and iron man’s thrusters after that you can go to battle and try to defeat thanos.

On Thanos side everybody has a iron suit and these alien blaster guns in my opinion when you drop out of the battle bus you can land somewhere or stay up in the air to wait for the stones for the infinity gauntlet when a infinity stone drops if anybody on the evil get the stones they will become thanos and if thanos dies he drops the infinity stones so somebody else can be thanos.

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Volcano is going to erupt!!! (fortnite)

Fortnite is going to begin a big event and it is connected with the Volcano near Sunny steps and loot lake which is right in the middle of the fortnite island there has been ruin spotted from titled towers and going to loot lake when the ruin piece went into the loot lake hatch the Volcano started to smoke above it my theory is that Kevin the cube is coming back when all the pieces are combined and in titled towers in the museum kevin the cube, is there the volcano, titled towers, and meteors so i think when all the ruin are combined together the volcano is going to erupt and kevin the cube is coming back but that is just my theory and here is a picture of it right now.



If you are reading let me down in the comments what your theory is.

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Fortnite new Reboot van

Fortnite has added reboot vans here is some information about the reboot van the reboot van is used to bring your teammates back to alive if they die but first you have to get there card first and you have 80 seconds to get there card before it expires but if they leave you can reboot them back.


The problem with Biodiversity is that people litter in the animals environment and if this keeps happening animals will be extinct sooner than we know and when we have no more animals to keep us alive and plants might be affected my the trash then we won’t have no more food resources to be alive.

The causes is that there is too much trash in the animals ecosystem and if this keeps happening many changes might happen in the world no more food resources and materials if we keep throwing trash everywhere we want.

Solution is that we try to stop people from littering in the animals ecosystem and explain what they are causing to the environment for humans and animals and also tell them that there might not be any more animals on earth because of them and what they are causing.

Image result for biodiversity



Image result for biodiversity